To become a member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America - Washington State Chapter:

Local Registration - It is a requirement of all members of the Washington State Chapter to register for each fiscal year. Our fiscal year goes from September to August of the next year. During the fiscal year there is one adjustment to the registration fee. From January to the end of August the fee is raised.

You can also register as an affiliate member. Affiliate members are not regular attendees at our monthly meetings but are able to register for the convention through our Chapter at a reduced rate.

Chapter Active Member Fees

  Sept. 1 - Dec. 31 Jan. 1 - Aug. 31
Youth/Young Adult Membership (ages 5-19) $15 $18
Adult Membership $50 $60
Affiliate Membership - Youth/Young Adult Membership $45 $45
Affiliate Membership - Adult $75 $75

Local Chapter Monthly Dues: $5 (monthly)

You can download the registration form HERE.